Vision   We inspire and create a community of people striving to reach their full potential.

Mission   To provide the support early and mid-career professionals need to achieve their desired work-life integration.

Approach   The 8foldlife coaching framework begins with identifying your unique plan to address and integrate the following 8 areas of your life:

Emotions – emotional safety, emotional intelligence, empathy
Mind – awareness, stress-reduction/management, tranquility
Relationships – partner, family, friends, co-workers, community
Career – aspirations, career path, skill development
Finances – financial security, budget planning/management
Self-Fulfillment – contentment, creativity, life purpose
Beyond Self – altruism, open-mindedness, interconnectedness

Founder   Marcelo Dias is a certified coach who is passionate about transforming people’s lives. As an organizational learning edf1f4and development expert and lifelong learner, Marcelo discovered first-hand how a well-designed coaching experience accelerates professional and personal growth.

His research, practical experience, and personal life journey led him to create the 8foldlife framework — a holistic way to live a more meaningful and integrated life. The name was inspired by the Noble Eightfold Path described in Theravada Buddhism, which outlined a practical and self-empowering framework to live one’s best life.

During his coaching sessions, Marcelo helps create the space you need (away from the busyness of life) to reflect on what’s really important and tap into your own inner capabilities in order to accomplish your desired goals.